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The best marketing ideas at SXSW: Day One

South by Southwest (SXSW) is the epicenter of all things technology, marketing and digital for 14 days out of the year.  You WILL see some of the best marketing ideas and brand activations here at SXSW.  I will be highlighting the best of the best each day right here on our blog.  The first day of SXSW is where you make your mark.  I’ve detailed the top two brands that made an impression on me.

Samsung Mobile #poweron SXSW marketing stunt1.  Day One winner – Samsung Mobile:  Cell phone and laptop power is a commodity here at SXSW.  This year, Samsung device owners can simply tweet using the hash tag #PowerOn and a bike messenger will deliver a freshly charged battery for your Galaxy S.  In the words of the Guinness men, “BRILLIANT!”


3M holographic concierge SXSW2.  Day One runner up – 3M Holographic Concierge:  Making a big splash in the convention hall is tough.  You are competing with companies such as American Express, American Airlines and Chevrolet – and that ain’t easy.  3M decided this year to set up a holographic concierge guiding folks to their breakout sessions.  With a very small footprint, 3M stood out amongst the other big brands in a unique way.