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Potentially the most social sporting event ever, Fifa’s World Cup is now a certified social-media powerhouse. Brands are clamoring for relevance, games are being live-tweeted and teenage girls are dreaming of their future soccer star husbands (we’re looking at you, Posh Spice). So here’s an ode to the #WorldCup tweets that pulled at our heart strings and uncovered the true soccer fútbol fan in all of us.

1. The baby-as-a-fan Tweet, courtesy of Germany’s Mesut Özil. They won, by the way. So maybe his niece was good luck?

2. One word, #respect. Australian midfielder Mark Bresciano ties the shoes of a mascot before their match against Chile. Retweets ensue.

3. When in doubt, defer to the talking soccer ball.

4. There’s one in every bunch. She’s referring to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Forward for Portugal who also plays for Spain’s Real Madrid, so sort of props? 

5. That time that you, uh, scored on your own team.

7. Ah, the brand puns. So many brand puns.











8. Speaking of patriotism, who cares if Americans are only soccer fans once every four years? We’re loud when it counts.

9. They’re not too busy to celebrate Father’s Day. Yes we snuck an Instagram post in here, but #USA.

10. “I don’t care what language it’s in, if Ronaldo said it I’m gonna retweet it.” – heard around the world.

So you see, we get it. We follow the trends and stay up on the latest in pop culture, social media and online trends. If you’d like to work with one of Dallas’ best full-service advertising and digital marketing agencies, give Agency Entourage a call at 214-414-3035. See how we’re celebrating our own #AgencyWorldCup all month long.

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