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If you’re part of the digital era, chances are you’re on Instagram. The platform that used to be a simple photo sharing application is now a powerful sales channel for businesses. Roughly 13% of Internet users have an Instagram. But how do you reach them? Put the selfies on the back burner and follow along as we share three tips for better Instagram marketing.

Photo Credit: Social Media Strategies Summit

1. Take advantage of free analytic tools

There are various online services you can use to ensure that you’re creating Instagram marketing campaigns that will be the most successful for your brand. One of our favorites is Iconosquare. Iconosquare will measure your Instagram posts in relation to audience-specific hashtags that are the most relevant to your industry, filter usage, peak times of engagement and more. Using the information Iconosquare provides, you can better tailor your Instagram marketing efforts to reach new customers.

2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

A common mistake a lot of brands make when beginning an Instagram marketing campaign is failing to engage with their competitors’ followers. If they’re your competitors, it’s safe to assume that their customers are also or could also potentially be your own. Find these followers and interact with them by simply following them back, liking or commenting on one of their photos. Use this opportunity to show them why your product or service is better.

3. Network

If your brand is new to the Instagram marketing game, networking with the Instagram community will be especially useful. Work with Instagram users that are already popular by asking them to feature your product or service on their own account. To find who these people are, use the search function and type in various keywords and hashtags. It’s usually pretty easy to tell if Instagrammers have done sponsored posts before, just scroll and see what you find.

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