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reasons to have visuals in digital marketingThe data is there! Visuals are trending in digital marketing, but it’s really just the beginning. See below and learn why our digital marketing team would like bring your brand into the future!

1. Social Media – There is no medium to date that delivers information as quickly and concisely as a photo. After all, a photo is worth a 1,000 words and Twitter only allows 140 characters. As social media platforms become more crowded, visuals have more and more impact on audiences. Whether it’s an advertisement on Facebook or a promotion on Pinterest, a photo will greatly improve your conversions.

2. Blogs – Essentially in a blog you’re telling a story, a “How To,” “5 Reasons Why,” etc. Why not spice it up and bring a larger audience to your content? A photo can be as effective as a catchy headline. LinkedIn was even so bold to say, “the image is the new headline.” If your goal is to bring readers to your website, promoting the blog with a great photo can be the way to do it!

3. Website – Don’t forget the website! If you draw people in with amazing visuals on social media and blogs, the messaging has to be the same on the website. Just like anything digital just KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid. (Thank you professor McEuen.)

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Photo credit: DaveLawler

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