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To have an extensive digital presence, social media proficiency is a must. However, even the most experienced digital marketer can miss a few key steps along the way.

Today, we’ll show you three special features from the biggest names in social media. Let us know whether you knew about these cool new features!

Find advanced statistics for any Facebook post


If you’re in a hurry and wondering how your most recent Facebook posts are doing, there’s a quick way to find out! You’ve seen the “reach” count at the bottom of your posts, but one simple click can show you more advanced analytics.


 The analytics break up the likes, comments and shares to show whether they came from the page itself or from another source. You can also see how many users hide the post, hid the page, “unliked” your page or reported the post as spam.

Tag people and brands in your Twitter photos

Did you know you can now tag your friends, employees, customers and other brands in your photo Tweets?


This new feature allows you to increase your chances of engagement on Twitter without taking away from your 140-character limit! Simply click the “Who’s in this photo?” button in the bottom-right hand corner.

Bonus tip: You can also create a photo collage by clicking “Add more” in the bottom-left.


Download a list of your LinkedIn connections

You can download a spreadsheet of your connections in a number of formats. This list will have every connection, including their name, title, company and email address. When you’re on the home page, click “Connections” at the top, then the settings gear in the top-left hand corner.


Clicking “Export LinkedIn Connections” will then download a list of real-world networking opportunities, potential customers or employees and résumé references.

Every social media site has a host of great features and tools that can make building your brand easier.

If you’d like to learn more about social media and how digital marketing can promote your brand, send us an email at info@agencyentourage.com. We look forward to connecting with you!


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