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So you have a product. An awesome product. An awesome product that everyone should know about. But you’re not sure exactly how to use social media to showcase your brand and market your consumer product in a way that is true to your organization’s values and aligns with your bottom line objectives.

There are dozens of platforms to use. You of course have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to connect with potential buyers, but once you’re there, what do you do? What kind of content do you share that will strengthen your brand and influence buying decisions?

Take the following steps to ensure that you are properly incorporating social media into your marketing plan with a strategy that creates both exposure and sales.

Tell your story

Use social media to give your product a personality that connects with your online community. Fill them in on your production process. Tell them how and why the company and product came about. Identify the inspiration behind the heart and soul that has gone into the product. Detail the lifestyle that your product lends itself to. I really love the way that Topo Designs, an apparel company based in Colorado,  uses Instagram to do just that. Take your culture and infuse it into your social agenda.

Be a resource for product information 

Want to be seen as an expert? Be helpful. Shell out information that equips consumers to make smart buying decisions. Use social media as a platform to educate your community about how your product can work for them. Introduce to your audience ideas for how they can use your product in their own lives. Lay-N-Go, the creators of innovation organizational solutions, have done a brilliant job of showcasing how their product works by creating short instructional videos on Youtube:


Make customer service a priority 

If keeping your customers happy is important to you (it should be) social media is a great way to show them that you care and are available to help with technical product questions and dish out customer service. Social media allows for quick and efficient communication for giving and receiving feedback about the product. When customers receive great customer service, they are likely to share their experience.  With social media being such a public platform, it makes for great opportunities to showcase your dedication to customer service. How your customers feel about you and your product is on display for the world to see. One of my favorite examples of superb social media customer service is the effort that Bonobos, makers of fantastic fitting men’s trousers, give across their social channels.

If you have a consumer product that is lacking a social media strategy, Agency Entourage can help create a digital marketing plan that not only increases your product’s exposure to target audiences, but also results in sales.

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