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agency entourage social media Let’s face it, so-called (and usually self-proclaimed) “Social Media Experts, Ninjas, Rockstars and Gurus” come a dime a dozen. But once you’re ready to really amp up your brand’s social presence by hiring a socia media agency, do you know what to look for? Be sure that you’re asking the right questions so that you can make the best decision about whether or not a social media agency has what it takes to represent your business in the wild wild west of social marketing.

Here are four questions to help you in your search:

1. Why is social media important to our brand?

Like any organization you have business objectives. Chances are marketing your product or service is one of them. And just like any other marketing plan, your social plan should be well thought out and executed. Prospective agencies should be able to clearly articulate what social media can do specifically for YOUR brand and have a strategic plan for communicating effectively to your online audiences.

2. Tell us about a problem that you’ve solved using social media? 

Want to know how well an agency will do? Ask them what they’ve done. Case studies are a great way to assess an agencies capacity to create content and manage social communities in a way that gets results. Ask them for an example of how they’ve used social media to help a client meet business goals.

3. What is your process for developing our brands social media strategy?

Although some agencies focus on particular industries, most will not be as knowledgeable as your are with your industry. If this is the case, ask the agency what their plan for diving into unchartered territories will be. Do they have a discovery process for learning the ins and outs of your sector? It’s important that you find an agency willing to take the time to truly emerse themselves in your industry and find your brand’s place in the social arena.

4. How will you measure our brand’s social media performance?

At the end of the day, your priority is producing results. An agency should be able to provide you with regular analytics  and measurable results that line up with your business objectives. Ask them what their plan for tracking performance will be and how

If you have questions of your own, or just want to ask us these four questions for yourself, connect with us! Agency Entourage has a proven record of building social communities that our clients rave about!


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