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Though the game wasn’t as exciting as many had hoped it would be, the ads gave us the punch needed to stay awake. See below for a few note-worthy Super Bowl 2014 commercials:

The huge buzz created by Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander (aka George) simply walking into their familiar coffee shop paid off in this ad for Crackle’s  series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Budweiser is known for tugging at viewer’s heart strings. This year they created another adorable commercial for us all to enjoy.

Volkswagen’s ad about their high-quality cars was funny, but the last part was what had most people buzzing.

Maserati’s powerful ad inspired everyone who saw it. Even if it was just a car commercial.

If you were lucky enough to be alive in the 80s or have a love for nostalgia, this RadioShack commercial may have been your favorite. Can you name all the characters?

One word- Doberhuahua. Equally terrifying as it is entertaining.

Esurance’s ad was technically after the Super Bowl, but that didn’t make it any less genius.

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