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In the realm of marketing and advertising everyone is trying to reach the diverse American landscape with multicultural marketing strategies that either hit the mark, or go extremely wrong. How do you make sure you don’t make a big mistake, waste your money, and worst of all−gain a bad reputation? Start off by taking a look at what you should definitely not do when putting together a marketing strategy to target certain cultures:

 1. I Speak Your Language

Communicating your message in that culture’s language is enough to get your message across, so there is no need to highlight the fact that you are speaking their language because you will only come across as redundant and desperate for attention.

 2. I Look Like You

You may have studied the culture extensively, but if not done well, this multicultural marketing strategy can be disastrous and come across as stereotypical.

3. This Is What You Do And Look There’s My Product!

Even though it’s great that you have picked up behavior patterns for that culture, remember that each individual is different and that it is not enough to simply place your product in their setting. Instead of focusing on an all-encompassing behavior, try to focus on an all-encompassing individual that represents the culture in his or her own unique way and the connection this drives to your product.

4. It’s All About Tradition

Yes, tradition is a part of many cultures and for some of them it might be a daily ritual, but this doesn’t mean that everything they do revolves around tradition. Dig deeper and see what that tradition means to the consumer and how it connects to your product.

5. We Love Everybody

Of course you don’t want to be seen as racist, but when you try to include everyone you might have a backfire effect. Be subtle in your multicultural marketing strategies and focus again on the individual and really try to put yourself in their shoes so that you can understand their environment better.

If you are afraid that you may going about your multicultural marketing strategies all wrong, don’t hesitate to contact Agency Entourage, a downtown Dallas advertising agency specializing in multicultural communication.

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