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Dallas Internship at Agency Entourage

If you find yourself getting bored just looking at other DFW area marketing internships, try an Agency Entourage internship on for size! You’re sure to have a great time while getting a one-of-a-kind experience. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons that you should intern with us this semester:

  1. Be in the Heart of the City – How amazing is it to work in downtown Dallas, you ask? Really amazing. We’re able to see Christmas parades right from our office windows and we even have the Neiman Marcus flagship right across the street. When the weather permits you can take a short walk in the Main Street Garden, or maybe venture out and get some lunch at Which Wich, Wild Salsa or one of the many options in “The Underground”.  You are surrounded by the city, and therefore, get an opportunity to take it all in.
  2. One Word: Teamwork – Whether it’s having a holiday potluck or getting everyone together for lunch on Friday, we love the opportunity to get together with coworkers to share food, discuss the latest news and/or episodes of our favorite shows. Not only does this help us get to know each team member, but also strengthens us as a team. When someone falls behind or needs some help, we all come together.
  3. We Are Creativity – Our company culture lets creativity soar. It’s very rare to not hear music gently breezing through the entire office via someone’s computer or our airplay-ready speaker. We have desks but are encouraged, if we feel cooped up, to refuse to acknowledge their existence. Everyone is welcome to sit on the couch, in an empty desk or sit in one of the empty rooms. Wherever you feel inspired, we encourage you to go there!
  4. Gain Invaluable Experience – No funny quips here, just resume-boosting work. In this economy, it’s harder than ever to land your dream job. But even if you only have one internship your entire college career, you have to make it count. Our interns get the rare opportunity to work with our clients and even sit in on our client meetings. You’re able to learn almost every aspect of what we each do, or hone in on a particular thing that interests you. As an added bonus you’ll be able to take the skills that you learn with us and add them to your resume, LinkedIn, etc.
  5. Launch Your Career – If you are looking to start your career after this internship, you can! I would know because I did.  I started out as an intern and I’m now a full-time employee. So don’t underestimate the work that you can do with this small, but growing Dallas-based marketing agency. You will have a team of professionals in the field behind you, ready and willing to reach out to others in the industry and help you move on to the next step.

In case these five reasons didn’t make you want to gather your cover letter and resumé and send it to careers@agencyentourage.com, check out our Facebook or click here to learn more about the internship positions for spring 2013.

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