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Digital marketers feast from large events throughout the year, and despite the deadlines, the anxiety, and the intense competition, this year’s World Cup is no doubt the biggest feast of all time. Not only does the World Cup surpass the scale of any national event, but also it provides a colossal doorway into those seeking international presence for their brands. The beauty of the digital world is that there are no limits, borders, or boundaries to connecting with those who are miles away. For this and several more reasons, digital marketers will have more work than ever during the next two months:

1. Impressions Off The Roof: Going back to connectivity, digital marketers love the World Cup because with the simple use of a hashtag, keyword or appropriate digital tactic, impressions can literally soar as this is predicted to be the most social World Cup ever meaning people from around the world are online more than any other time of the year.

2. Ingenious Experimentation:There is nothing more exciting than seeing new things happening throughout the digital landscape such as Twitter’s use of hashflags and World Cup customization options. Spotify also created a whole list of playlists called “Loves Football” for each country and select players from the World Cup.

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3. New Brand Presence: for brands who are looking for an opportunity to find new markets and enlarge their scope to the international level, the World Cup is a perfect event to do so, if done right. Also, hitting that Hispanic market in the U.S. is easy when you join a conversation about the Hispanic market’s favorite sport!

4. Brand Loyalty Boost: When a digital marketer successfully links a brand to the some aspect of the World Cup, people will instantaneously attribute a positive emotion to the brand (unless their team is loosing).  Take a look at the brands performing the best and what they are doing to get the most positive brand perceptions.

5. Agency Fun: There’s no better way to create some healthy agency culture than with some fun events we can play with (pun intended) on digital such as our #AgencyWorldCup Foosball Tournament where we predict the actual results of the World Cup by posting videos, tweeting and more on digital! Other agencies also do potlucks and watch parties to post on social media and boost their agency culture.

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