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Photo by @Veritasphotog on Instagram

Photography is everywhere. It’s in ads on the bus and online in social platforms. Does your brand tell its story visually? If you don’t feel like your brand’s visuals can compete with others, take the tips below:

  1. Strategy – Think about how you’re going to use the photo. Will it need a simple background? Texture? Who will edit the final product? These are only a few questions you must ask, but once the style is nailed down you’ll be able to see the vision.
  2. Rule of Thirds –The rule of thirds can add interest to any subject and greatly affect the composition of a visual campaign. As far as basic rules in photography go this one has to be my favorite. However, as much as I’d like to do all my photos this way, strategy has to be the first thing in mind. For instance, this could be great for a product in a magazine ad with text overlay, but an employee’s headshot is best with the subject in the center.
  3. Lighting – Though brushing up on Photoshop can be fun, it can be time consuming. Lighting is one of the common time suckers in Photoshop, so the best way to keep workflow manageable is to get the shot as close to perfect as possible. Since the light doesn’t always cooperate, use tools such as a 5 in 1 reflector and a light set.
  4. Edit – This is where you’re able to tweak a few things, such as stray hairs, color defects, etc. The best photos are the ones that look natural though, so unless it’s the specific style needed, don’t over do it!
  5. Look – Sometimes the key to taking a good photo is to look. Look at blogs, books and art galleries. Take your eyes off your phone and look at the world around you on your way to work. The same goes for you as the client! If you see something you like, take a photo or cut it out and give it to the photographer for direction.

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