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Struggling to get your business noticed in local search results? For smaller businesses, ranking on page one of Google can be a difficult and challenging task. Here are five of our best tips for local SEO:

1. NAP Consistency

What is NAP and why is it important for SEO? NAP stands for name, address and phone number. To rank well within Google local searches, your business must maintain NAP consistency for all online citations. This means having the same name, address and phone number on every citation.

For example:

1800 Market Street and 1800 Market St. are not consistent. Street should either be spelled out or abbreviated in each citation and on the website.

2. Google Places for Business

Creating a business listing on Google Places for Business can put you ahead of the competition if you are having trouble ranking on the first page of Google. Why? Google listings often show up before other organic rankings. When searching for nail salons in dallas, Google Places listings show up on the first page in the 5th position.

 3. Social Signals

Generating sharable, unique content on your social media pages helps send social signals to your website. After the Google Hummingbird update, social referrals are now a strong ranking factor for Google and can no longer be ignored.

4. Local Keywords

Sure, you are targeting all the right industry related keywords, but are you forgetting to include the location? Consider adding long-tailed keywords focusing on [keyword] + [location]. This shows Google what your business does AND where it is located.

5. Customer Reviews 

Encourage customers to review your business on the web and continuously monitor all reviews online. One bad review can hurt your online reputation. React quickly to negative reviews in order to mend the relationship as soon as possible.

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