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Connect with Public Relations Pros Online

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You’ll notice in the PR industry, people are more than willing to connect online since there are so many outlets to do so. Here are only some of the ways to make connects with fellow PR pros online:

1. Twitter

I’ve talked about using Twitter as a PR professional as well as connecting with fellow PR pros via Twitter chats, but Twitter is a quintessential tool in the PR industry. Not only to represent yourself, but brands use it for everything from customer service to searching and reaching out to potential customers. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing a prime location to connect with fellow PR pros.

2. Blog Commenting

Commenting on relevant, popular blogs is a great way to get in front of a specific audience and showcase your expertise in the field. PR Daily, prtini, Mashable, are just a few blogs you can constantly be commenting on and forming connections.

3. Facebook

Similar to blog commenting, find a Facebook page with an active audience, like PR Daily’s page and Mashable’s page, for example. You can jump in their conversations via Facebook commenting either as your company’s page or as your personal profile, converse with others, and then form connections that way. Be persistent about it, too.

4. LinkedIn

Of course I have to recommend LinkedIn! This site overs groups dedicated to industries. Join all groups that pertain to your interest and start or jump into a discussion. Connect with and follow Agency Entourage on LinkedIn.

5. PRSA/Physical World Events

This isn’t an online measure, but your local PRSA chapter most likely puts on monthly, if not weekly, events. In Dallas, there is also a social media club that PR pros and the like can become involved with. AAF Dallas is yet another great organization to get involved with to harness connections and network with other PR and industry related pros. Then, once you’ve networked with individuals at these events, find them online and stay further connected.

Tip: make sure you follow up with any connection you make. You don’t want to make a connection where as in a week, you don’t even talk anymore. Be the one to keep the conversation going and stay proactive about it.

Tell us – in what ways do you connect with fellow PR or industry related professionals?

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