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So you have decided to go after the Hispanic market and you have taken these 5 things into consideration. Now…where to get started? Even after all the research and proper internal preparation, there are several ways you can start to make your presence known in the Hispanic market online:

  1. Add pages en Español to your website:even if you have the staff available that can help customers in person or over the phone, remember that the marketplace is also very dynamic online. Hispanics are some of the most online-savvy consumers and they will spend a lot of time researching and learning about your brand online, so don’t let someone else be the one to begin telling your story.

    It’s harder than it seems…

  2. Pick a social strategy: is a Spanish Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram appropriate for your brand? Maybe a tab on your Facebook page or Social PPC is more appropriate. Whatever technique can help you get the most leads, go for it!
  3. Optimize for SEO: believe it or not, most of your competitors marketing to Hispanics are not purchasing Spanish keywords. Don’t be that person and stay ahead of the curve by buying strategic keywords and making a section on your Spanish website dedicated to blogs in Spanish.
  4. Say Si! to Spanish E-mail newsletters: E-mail is an indispensable tool for lead generation and sending out E-mail blasts in Spanish can help your customers stay informed and engaged with your brand.
  5. Give customers an insider’s view: you have the staff, you have a place to share, so don’t be afraid of going out there and showing your customers they can trust you with a video that helps them see the brand from your point of view.

Still have questions about Hispanic marketing online or need some help carrying out your goals? Contact Agency Entourage, a downtown Dallas digital marketing agency at 214-414-3035 or visit our website.

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