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5 Ways to Reinvent Your Business BlogDo you ever wonder if your blog is missing something?

You were told your company’s website needs a blog, so you created one. You’re producing consistent content with relevant information, and might even be receiving a comment or two.

But, it hasn’t taken off. This wasn’t the huge business boost you were told to expect.

There’s a good chance you aren’t doing anything wrong – the blog might simply need a minor facelift.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best ways to reinvent your business blog.

1. Use Shareable Images

It’s no longer beneficial to throw up a stock image and call it a day. If you’re using pictures on your blog (and you should be), they need to be shareable in their own right. Rather than an image alone, or an image and the post title, overlay a tip from the blog. An image with a great quote is likely to be shared, especially on visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, take a look at the most recent Agency Entourage Instagram pic. This picture, which includes a useful tip, received more engagement than other images that aren’t independently shareable.

2. Integrate social commenting on the blog post

You’ve included share buttons at the top and bottom of the post, and now social media is stealing your comments! Rather than leaving the conversation on another website, bring it back with a few handy tools. For example, Facebook has a way to connect your comment section to your Facebook post. With the two synced, any comments left on the blog post show up on Facebook and any comments on the Facebook status show up in your blog’s comment section. If you’re using WordPress, there’s also a plugin that automatically turns any Twitter mentions into blog comments.

3. Utilize video whenever possible

If you haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon, there’s still time! Search engines love sites with video because they expand your reach to a wider audience. By creating a YouTube account, you can post videos on social media and then embed them into your blog posts. Check out this example from a local auto repair shop. Adding videos will boost your ranking in the search engines and provide a new way to connect with potential customers.

4. Give a sneak peek into the real world

One of the biggest blogging advantages is the ability to share your company culture with your target audience. Your staff’s enthusiasm and your business’s personality are big selling points – show it on your blog! For a quick example, check out this blog post recapping the Agency Entourage 4th of July celebration. Your customers want to see the “real” you, so give them the chance!

5. Create an app

Smartphone and tablet applications may seem like dangerous territory, but a single app can do wonders for customer engagement. Even if your blog’s goal is to bring new customers to the site, an easy app providing access to your content is all that’s necessary. This simple strategy was proven through a recent case study by Moz. It will take a little time, but this extra step is well worth the effort!

If your blog appeal has come to a standstill, don’t throw up your hands in surrender just yet. Utilizing these 5 effective strategies, and a myriad of others, Agency Entourage will reinvent your business’s blog. Our proven methods of boosting blog traffic increase your customer engagement and get your digital strategy back on track. Give us a call today and get back on track!


Photo Credit: Ralphbijker

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