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A press release is an effective way to gain news coverage and to enhance your company’s reputation. Press coverage is a key component for every company, and is not something that should be taken lightly when working to enhance a reputation. Reporters and/or journalists receive thousands of press releases per day when they only need a handful of stories. Each reporter has their own way of quickly going through emails, and with one small mistake your email will most likely be deleted. Reporters are very busy and simply don’t have time to correct careless mistakes. As one of the top marketing firms in Dallas, we are always implementing industry-related tips to drive results for clients. Take a look at the tips below before sending out your next press release.

1. No mistakes
It is essential for reporters to receive material that they can quickly turn around and publish. Do not make careless mistakes. Have at least two colleagues proofread a press release before sending it. Reporters do not have time to fix several mistakes before publishing.

2. Newsworthy
Don’t send a press release selling a product or just trying to sell your company and its capabilities. People usually read the newspaper to learn. For example, perhaps your client just released a new car seat for babies, and their previous one had safety recalls. Highlight the methods used to
develop a safer car seat and the safety crashes it withstood. Then, you can slide in your company capabilities to drive more business.

3. Call to action
Why did you send the press release? What results are you seeking? Do you want people to visit a website? Do you want readers to download a report? Use a promotion? In the last paragraph, state your call to action.

4. Good timing
Be aware of your surroundings. If Dallas schoolteachers just went on strike, don’t email a press release a few hours later and expect it to be published. You are not only wasting the reporter’s time but your own valuable time. Even worse, do not pitch the newsroom during these times. A good rule of thumb is to check the news prior to contacting the newsroom.

5. No attachments
Out of all the information you have read thus far, this tip is the most important. Do not attach a press release in an email. Copy and paste the press release into the body of an email. Many reporters have made it known they delete an email if the news release is attached. Reporters
need a fast glimpse of the story when looking through thousands of emails each day.

6. Personalize
If a reporter opens an email and notices that it was sent to many local reporters, they will most likely not want to write the story. Show reporters that you have a piece of news that you would like to offer them first and provide a deadline. If you don’t receive a response after the set deadline, then send it on to another news outlet. This creates trust and reporters will most likely use your information in the future. Business Insider wrote a great article highlighting what reporters look for when scanning through emails.

For more basic information on writing a press release visit: http://www.publicityinsider.com/

What tactics do you use to increase press coverage?


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