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We’ve all heard the mantra before: “You need a social media presence to be relevant.” The words Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are tossed around so much that they’re starting to sound like white noise. Times like these when social media is constantly evolving and updates are coming even faster, it is important to make sure your message breaks through the clutter. A recent Wishpond article lists 21 social media tips for real estate agents, but we narrowed it down to the seven we think are essential to spur creativity and establish real estate authority online:


1. Post about your local area.

Nothing is more fun than being able to share exciting local news with your online community. If there’s a new and exciting restaurant, store or event coming to town then Facebook is a great way to spread the news and showcase your excitement.

2. Get Feedback Smart

If you have a new listing full of share worthy features, Facebook can be a useful tool to ask fans which feature they like the most or is most important to them. This can be easy by simply encouraging a vote via the post comment section. This will also help you to know what to highlight in future postings.


3. Incorporate Hashtags

Many real estate agents shy away from using hashtags for fear that it makes the tweet #look #slightly #odd. We disagree. The hashtag can be a powerful tool if you learn to use it in a strategic manner.  Make sure your hashtag is pertinent to what you are discussing, that it is commonly used, and above all else, limit it to three hashtags per tweet.

4. Be Helpful

People look to their local real estate agents for more reasons than just to hear about new local listings. As Wishpond suggested for Facebook, use Twitter to assert yourself as an authority in the industry. Tweet housing and real estate industry news along with articles that a homeowner would find useful. Retweeting articles are effective as well, as they build online relationships and can be a faster method to share information if you are short on time.


5. Cross Promote

With the recent increase in Pinterest popularity, leveraging your preexisting social media community is the easiest way to gain a Pinterest following. We suggest regularly posting and tweeting out links to your pins on Facebook and Twitter as well as adding a Pinterest tab to your business’ Facebook page.

6. 80/20 Rule

According to the rule, make sure 80 percent of your content is something you would either like to see, engage with, or share. These are the funny, inspiring and entertaining pins. The other 20 percent should be about what you have to offer. Think of this as the boards with your newest or local listings. The 80/20 rule can apply to various social platforms as well.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative!

This wasn’t included in Wishpond’s list but we think it should have been. The best part about social media is that we are always finding new and exciting ways to use the digital marketing space. Pushing the boundaries on your online presence is a great way to keep your fans and potential buyers engaged with you and your brand.

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