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AE Snapchat

It’s hard to believe that Snapchat introduced their chat functionality two years ago. For many users who are way passed their school days, Snapchat may seem like a new addition to the social media family.

Today, Snapchat released Chat 2.0 to the public. The new update has been met with nothing but praise from fans on Twitter. One person even declared that the app just earned a coveted spot on the first page of apps on their mobile device.

You’re now able to quickly transition the way you’re communicating seamlessly within the application. Instead of carrying out a conversation solely through instant messaging, you can transition a conversation to audio or even video. We’ve thoroughly explained every new update found in Chat 2.0 below.

Express Yourself  With Stickers Snapchat Stickers

Snapchat introduced a whole catalog of stickers for you to choose from. These stickers are categorized by a number of different, wacky themes. The purpose of these stickers is to give users another outlet to express themselves quickly. Maybe they just ate something delicious or they need to express how “dope” something is. Snapchat is very mobile in nature and stickers are a quick way to send feedback and emotion on the go. Here’s the full list of sticker categories. We encourage you to go update your Snapchat app and check them out!

  • Cheeky Pop Fun
  • Ghost World
  • Me n Bae
  • Foodie
  • Albaka
  • Lost n Found
  • Bob
  • Leetle (Little) Seedlings
  • PB&J
  • Chocomi Town

We Need to Talk

Video messaging isn’t anything entirely new to Snapchat, but making voice calls is! With Chat 2.0 you can now call your friends directly through Snapchat. Maybe you’re in the middle of a chat and it starts to get too taxing on your fingers. Tap the phone icon and you’re seconds away from a voice conversation. It’ll make the call over Wi-Fi if you’re connected, otherwise it’ll use your carrier network. 

Send a Quick NoteAE Snapchat Ghost

If you’ve used Snapchat before, then you know that users could utilize a real-time video chat to communicate. It was very similar to Apple’s FaceTime. While that functionality still exists, your friends might not be available for a face-to-face chat or even a phone call. Now, you can record a quick video or audio note to send your friend directly from the chat screen.

This Chat 2.0 update now clearly defines the difference between snapping and chatting. Chatting is for one-on-one interaction, while snapping is for sending out updates and content to a couple of your friends simultaneously or your entire friends list through the story. So what do you think? Will this update change the way you snap and chat?

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