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Odd Duck Austin

A peek into Odd Duck Austin

Guest post by Candace Randolph, Founder + Designer, Chalkboard China

You are an ODD DUCK, Mr. Chase Gintner. Well, I guess I can’t say that for sure actually since I only met you briefly as I watched you take on your craft as “cook” at the Odd Duck. I was pleased that my parting gift for subscribing to the menu request “buy a beer for the kitchen $1” I received your “trading card”. I learned you were born in August 1986 in Neenah, WI and that your favorite food is “anything that Mark Buley or Nick Hymel make”. It was a pleasure to meet you.

A few things about my ODD DUCK experience that inspired me as we launch into SXSW here in Austin, Texas.

Teamwork in a kitchen is an amazing thing to watch. You begin to see what is important to each person and how that fits together to pump out the quality product to patrons/clients. You begin to pick up on quirks that make certain people in the kitchen unique, many quirks which exemplify that persons obsession for perfection for their part in the execution or design of the meal. You also begin to notice the encouragement and fun that takes place very quietly and almost unnoticed because the team is so well knit together.

I love that they celebrate their team with “trading cards” to be passed out to patrons. I think this states to all that each part of this team is crucial to the excellent end result. And furthermore that they love one another not only for their talent in the kitchen but for their “Advice for kids” for example listed on the card. In Chase’s case his advice to your children and mine is that “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Good advise Chase and I am so happy for you that you have taken the shot at cook at Odd Duck and you should be proud of the end product you were a part of serving the Randolph party of 2 last night. I was inspired by you and your team. Good work! Swoosh!

As the AE team joins us here on “weird” ground in Austin, Texas I hope this weekend we learn more about “Future aspirations” and “Favorite quotes”, topics found on this trading card. I look forward to our clients looking in our office doors as I was able to peek over and see the staff at ODD DUCK, and I will be excited to hear that they see a well oiled machine that flows smoothly with quirks and obsessions on perfection all toward the well knit, award winning final product produced by the AE team. Thank Odd Duck for your inspiration and wonderful Fried Quail flamed lemon, Stardust cocktail. It was a treat. -Candace Randolph

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