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In efforts to showcase our talent and experience and to introduce you to a few of the people responsible for making this place tick, we brought in Ben Randolph, Agency Entourage Principal, for a little Q&A session. Keep reading to find out how our agency has grown to become the place it is today.

1. Where did you attend school? 

Oklahoma University

2. When did you realize your passion was helping people achieve their business goals?

I really began to understand the business-to-business relationship at age 17 when I owned a lawn care company and we took care of a lot of businesses and churches.  I continued to hone the business solution selling when I launched a parking garage advertising company in 2003 that served the Austin market and Oklahoma City.

3. How old were you when you had your first job – what was it ?

I was 13 years old and my dad had me working on a construction site with the frame crew. I was lifting 22 foot rafters up to a second floor deck. The rafters weighed probably twice as much as I did. And it was 105°

4. Did you own any other businesses before Agency Entourage?

Yes, four. I started a lawn care business at age 15, I started a discount credit card during college for Norman-area retailers targeting college kids, I launched a filtered broadband Internet company in 2001 that provided filtered family-friendly Internet, and in 2003 I launched Wave Omnimedia group that was an experiential agency working with brands like Virgin Records and Capitol Music Group.

5. How did you decide on Downtown Dallas?

We launched Agency Entourage with five clients already in the bag and they were centrally located to downtown.

6. What’s your favorite social media platform?  

LinkedIn. The most efficient way to network since the inception of time.

7. Where can we find you when youre outside of the office?  

On my boat with my family with the music blaring 🙂

If you’d like to work with Ben and the rest of the talented team at our offices, give us a call! We’d love to help you reach your marketing goals. Our number is 214-414-3035. We look forward to hearing from you!

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