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Houston, Texas, born and raised, the pool is where I spent most of my days….

My name is Emily Doyle and I cannot wait to experience everything Agency Entourage has to offer. As a Business Administration major concentrating in Marketing, I am so excited to learn first-hand about the different opportunities majoring in marketing will give me.

In the fall, I will be a senior at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN as one of few Texans who left Texas. You’re probably thinking, “that’s so far” which is the reaction I usually receive when I tell people Indiana, but I absolutely love it. I knew I wanted to major in business, and after my first Intro to Marketing class, I was hooked. Creative communication is essential for marketing and nothing sounds better to me, so my decision was made.

Marketing also gives me the opportunity to continue learning about the things I love, sports and traveling. I swam for fourteen years and it gave me some of the best relationships and life lessons. In addition to swimming, college football Saturday’s are my favorite time of year! You can catch me in the stands of Notre Dame home games or in front of a TV on away weekends.

As for traveling, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland and travel around Europe. Those four months were some of the best months of my life and I look forward to go back.

When I am watching sporting events or looking up places to travel, I tell people I’m learning what marketing works and doesn’t work for game/plane tickets, commercial breaks, and hostel advertisements, not planning every vacation I will take for the rest of my life.

I can tell already this will be a summer filled with fun experiences and challenges. I’m looking forward to being a part of each one of them, as long as Agency Entourage is okay with a Houstonian who cheers against the Cowboys at every opportunity. I’m just bringing a new perspective, right?

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