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What was the Agency Entourage team up to this morning? Well, besides getting confused looks from strangers as we walked and scooted down Main Street, we filmed something awesome with the fine folks at Which Wich.

Which Wich not only makes truly tasty sandwiches and shakes, they also like being creative and having fun. On Friday, Agency Entourage and Which Wich made plans to start Monday off with a bang. Together, we turned a funny concept into a  great video.

If you had something going on in the real world lately and had to leave the Internet, Google “Harlem Shake.” It’s the latest Internet craze. These videos are popping up all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various news networks. The video we made today is a better version of the “Harlem Shake.”

Walking Back From Harlem Shake Video Which Wich

Our video features Which Wich employees, equestrian and bird mascots, a trampoline, one Interactive Producer covered in strawberry milkshake, an owner who almost lost his hearing because of the shrapnel from a confetti bomb, ladies wearing sombreros, the Pink Power Ranger, an intern crowd surfing and Michael Jackson reincarnated as a dancing biker. I think we covered our bases with enough random and funny characters to make our video a hit.

The format to a “Harlem Shake” video is fairly simple. Most versions are only 30 seconds long. The first half of the video is focused on a single actor (in our case it was our wonderful Sr. SEO Strategist, Jake Jordan). The second half of the video shows a bunch of people dancing. The only audio is a song by Baauer called “Harlem Shake.” When you time the single actor and all the dancing people up together with the song and catch it all on film, you have a “Harlem Shake” video.

I’d personally put our “Harlem Shake” video up against any of the others I’ve seen online. Our video is more than a bunch of people shaking their hips and pumping their pelvises. We actually dance. Need proof? Watch the video a few times and you’ll see us doing an array of dances like the “C-Walk” and “The Egyptian” – all of which we execute flawlessly.


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