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Our Digital Advertising Agency is practically famous now. Not really. Well, maybe? Over the weekend, The Dallas Morning News released an article with a brief mention of our awesome office space.

Agency Entourage in Dallas Morning News

Here is one of our very own, Emily Moreland, at the entrance of Agency Entourage.

Article Highlights:

For over 20 years of vacancy to a now home of many, startups are falling in love with this space. So what is so special about Alto 211? Let’s take a look at some of the features Hanah Cho mentioned:

  1. No letter of credit, personal or corporate guarantee
  2. With rent starting at $900 a month, entrepreneurs can lease private offices
  3. No long term commitment required
  4. Larger office space
  5. Access to the building’s resident experts
  6. The Adorable building mascot, Jax, an 8-month old mastiff. Follow Jax on twitter at @alto211jax.

Along with these outstanding incentives, Agency Entourage is delighted to work in a building with companies such as Venue: DallasTech Wildcatters and Traxo, as well as the soon-to-open 7-Eleven, Turkish furniture shop, and café bar.

With Alto 211 on the rise, the downtown office is becoming a mecca for startups, and if you’re wondering, Emily will be accepting autograph signing throughout the week-unless she’s on her lunch break.


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Image Credit: The Dallas Morning News

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