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Agency Entourage Gives Social Media a K.I.S.S.As a Dallas digital marketing agency, we are always trying to stay on the forefront of social media here at Agency Entourage. While there are numerous little things to remember about digital marketing as a whole, some components are more important than others.

If you need help learning the basics, check out our ABC’s of Social Media: Part 1 and ABC’s of Social Media: Part 2 blogs for a good breakdown of key social media tips, tricks and facts.

To date, one of my favorite social media acronyms is K.I.S.S.- Keep It Significant and Shareable. I have to give all the credit to my boss for this one though-she shared it with the office. I love catchy little phrases and words like this because they are the easiest way to recall key information. Let’s face it, between social plans, job related information and song lyrics, we all have too much going on in our heads to remember everything at once.

Now when it comes to K.I.S.S., the two S’s are the key elements. Let me break them down a little for you.


With the huge flood of information that hits the social media world each minute, it’s important to delve through the information you want to push out to determine what is the most important. Don’t waste your time talking about something that happened a few days ago. Instead, touch on breaking news, real-time events, or things that are going to happen in the near future. Everyone has something to say so try to make sure what you say is going to be important enough to make people pay attention.  Also, be sure not to over do it by posting too much. You may start turning into white noise amongst your audience. Take our word for it, you really can over post on Facebook.


Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as an original idea just like there is no possible way to be the first person to break a story, at least not unless you’re a powerful news source. The key is to make all of your information shareable so others will want to pass it along. Take the time to really think about what catches your attention when you read through your newsfeed or timeline. What posts are you most likely to share with others? Mirror those ideas when trying to encourage your audience to share your blogs, articles, social posts, etc.

When it comes to social media, just have fun with it. Engage with your target audience, join in the conversation and push out interesting and relevant content. If you do that, you will be rocking the social media world in no time.

If your company or brand needs help breaking into the social media sphere, we can definitely help you achieve just that. As a digital marketing agency, we like to think we know a thing or two about that stuff! Contact us for more information or request a quote directly from our website.

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