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intern in dallasDanny Nguyen, Spring Intern

Hello, my name is Danny Nguyen and I am the new intern here at Agency Entourage. With good fortune, I was able to land this internship for my last semester at the University of Texas at Dallas. That being said, I am a senior and expect to be graduating with a bachelor’s degree this upcoming May. That is if the incurable disease of senioritis doesn’t get to me first! (ha..ha…) But anyways, back to a serious note, at UTD, I am currently double majoring in both marketing and information technology and systems. Why did I choose these two majors you might ask? Simply put, because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to get into something that I wasn’t familiar with or knew much about while being in high school.

You see, back in high school, I wasn’t the most talkative person nor did I know much about information systems at all. However, going into college, I knew I had to decide on a major sooner or later; therefore, first and foremost, I had to decide what field I even wanted to get into. I chose business. Business interested me because I figured you couldn’t go wrong with having business-related degrees. It’s a good major to go into and it has a huge range of flexibility and growth. Now at this point, my next step was figuring out what specific business majors to focus on. As stated before, I chose marketing and information technology and systems for the previous reasons and I still have no regrets.

While being at UTD, I have taken several courses that developed my understanding and knowledge of marketing; however, out of all my classes, digital and internet marketing by far made the biggest impact. Not only was my professor the head of UTD’s graduate marketing program but he was also a very active member of a well-known marketing organization called American Advertising Federation, also known as AAF. Let’s just say, he knew his stuff and how to teach it. While taking this class, I learned so many new things such as SEO, Moz Analysis, Google AdWords, Mobile App Development, and even Social Media. He also encouraged his students to join AAF which I can say I’m now a proud member of. After taking this class and being a part of this organization, I felt like digital marketing would be a great fit for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my professor’s lectures and found the material extremely fascinating.

Next thing you know, here I am at Agency Entourage and in downtown Dallas! I was so excited to join this great firm and grab the opportunity to meet professionals in the industry. After finding out that they’re involved in social marketing, blog communications, and email marketing through social media, mobile apps, and PPC, I became overwhelmed with anticipation! I was ready for my first day which was a very welcoming one. Seeing all of the new faces in the office, I am still here trying to remember everyone’s names. Hopefully, soon enough, I’ll be able to get all of the names down. As a new intern, I look forward to working with each and every one of these individuals. I welcome the challenge and would like to thank Agency Entourage for this outstanding opportunity! As my final chapter of college comes near an end, another chapter opens for the “real world” and I’m ready!

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