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The summer is approaching its turn to fall, which means my internship at Agency Entourage is coming to an end. To my fellow college students, this is the time for a silent cheer that you have successfully secured another internship under your belt, which you can now add to your growing resume. However, my experience at this full service digital marketing agency deserves more than a silent cheer because it has truly impacted my life and the cheer I would shout would be earth shattering!

My commute to work in the mornings is similar to driving in a NASCAR race, with cars zipping past you at record breaking speeds. However, I have grown accustomed to the driving style on Interstate 35, just like I have grown accustomed to the methods at Agency Entourage. I would say it’s a worthy commute to have the privilege of working at an agency positioned in the heart of Dallas.  

Agency Entourage’s office is a venue built for collaboration. The IPs (Interactive Producers) are positioned around tables in the central part of the office to motivate using one another as a resource to brainstorm concepts and ideas for our clients. The office is built to accommodate your creative needs and embrace an environment that encourages collaboration, but is also tailored to individuals who need a quiet environment for working. If the latest tracks from Jay Z are too distracting, you can retreat to room six, a.k.a. the Ralph Lauren Room, or you can post up in the conference room. Ben, the Principal, and Leanna, the Director of Operations, both have an open door policy, encouraging employees with questions or concerns to drop by and chat.

Every day, when I walk through the doors at AE, I never know what surprises are in store. On my second day of work, the entire office had migrated into the conference room to witness the few brave employees compete in the #RoyHibbertChallenge. Needless to say, we had one employee that shattered the six-second record; as a result, USA Today picked up our challenge. We work hard at AE, but know how to have a good time and definitely never pass up a challenge.

Running to get coffee, endless amounts of filing, and answering phone calls, were never on my daily agenda. As an intern, I was making an impact for the clients I was working with and directly contributing to the success of the company. My writing capabilities flourished this summer, which was the result of writing an infinite amount of blogs covering a vast amount of topics for several clients. According to the internet, habits are essentially patterns of behavior that become “worn in” to our brains. This summer, writing has become a habit of mine. As a result, the content I was generating was actually getting published. I also created editorial calendars filled with social posts and blog topics for the month. The office is a hive with the newest ways to execute fresh and trendy social posts always buzzing amongst IPs. Every day, I was utilizing different skills to achieve the most innovative content for our clients. 

Working with several clients, simultaneously, forces you to become excellent at multi-tasking. I learned to mimic the voice of the client in my writing, constantly shifting the style depending on the audience being targeted. IPs interact with clients on a daily basis, whether it be via phone, email, or face-to-face. I enjoy the client interaction as it gives you the ability to fully understand the client’s wants and needs and how our agency’s capabilities can help the client achieve their goals. Having a complete understanding of your client’s digital mission is essential when beginning to generate content. I was fortunate enough to accompany an IP to a client meeting, recapping the previous month’s analytics and explaining the successes and areas of improvement regarding our digital efforts.

This summer, I have been introduced to the world of digital marketing and submersed myself into the industry absorbing an immense amount of knowledge from the IPs I worked closely with on a daily basis. The experience I had this summer at AE was exceptional. I was viewed as a valued and viable source for creating content and my presence did not go unnoticed. I developed relationships with the employees and was always comfortable to express my opinions and contribute to the conversation. At some companies, there is a major disconnect amongst employees who have only acquired surface level relationships; however, at AE the employees have developed genuine friendships. I have always been told to venture down new avenues because you never know what you may discover about yourself. I ventured into the industry of digital marketing and would love to call AE my home when I graduate in May. 

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Agency Entourage intern team? Check out the requirements and responsibilities and send your résumé to internships@agencyentourage.com. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information and engaging content.

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