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Last Friday our entire team took a break from our computers and went to the State Fair of Texas. We traded in our business casual clothes for flip-flops and backwards hats (well, at least I did) and made our way to the fair grounds via DART.

The team bonded over the best-fried food the state had to offer. I even heard one SEO strategist whose identity will remain nameless, (just know it definitely wasn’t Nate Plaunt) say that he was going to “eat as much fried food as his body would allow.” Luckily, this person made it into the office on Monday, so he (whoops) made it out alive.








After scarfing down some corn dogs (or “corny dogs” if you’re Jonathan Morris), a few Interactive Producers and Designers joined our Principal, Ben Randolph on a high-flying ride on the Ferris wheel. Check out this cool shot they got:

We brought along our Fall 2013 interns for the fun too!

 Li Wei Yu and Amanda Munster took some incredible photos while we were there.

All of us had an awesome time at the State Fair of Texas and hope to go again next year.

Here’s a quick video recap:

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