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If you’ve been in Dallas as long as we have, then you know we’re just about to hit the absolute PERFECT time of year in this city. These next few months will bring strike the delicate balance between warmth and sunshine without tipping the 100 degree mark for too many days in a row. Hopefully. It’s a time when baseball games and patio dining are bearable without having to the cue the shade, misters and fan-water-squirtgun-thing on a regular basis. Is there a name for that, anyway?

So, if you’re like us, you’ve already started thinking about all of the ways your life will get infinitely better once the weather makes the outdoors fun again.

For today’s blog, I had the Agency Entourage team answer one simple question: “How do you spend your time outside of the office?”

See what they had to say.

Andrea Barreto, Interactive Producer:

I spend a lot of time with my family, exercising and eating out. I love to try new restaurants and check out concerts and shows. The most recent shows I have seen were The Killers and Empire of The Sun at the Budlight Hotel during March Madness (it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life). I will be going to see Sherlock Holmes and Cut Copy and The Classix at the Majestic in June 😀
Adan Contreras, Designer:
I usually drive my Porsche to my private lake where I decide which yacht I’m gonna sail on for the day to get to my very own island. After an evening of spa accompanied by the succulent dinner prepared by my personal chef/lingerie model, I fly around the city beating up monsters… and then I wake up.
Megan Foreman, Copywriter:
I like just hanging out at home. Outside of work, I’m usually reading, cooking or watching a lot of television.
Stefanie Goodman, Interactive Producer:
Outside the office I like to spend my time outdoors – running or walking trails, taking nature photos and sitting by the lake. I also enjoy cooking and a good Netflix binge.
Amanda Munster, Interactive Producer:
I love taking photos for my business, Veritas Photography (http://veritasphotog.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/VeritasPhotog). Also, catching up on the latest movies whether in theaters or at home.
Jon Cronson, Intern:
I’m a big live comedy enthusiast and I’ve been spending time watching and performing improv right here in Dallas.
Stephanie Arbetter, Interactive Producer:
I love to spend time on the Katy Trail in Uptown, at a nearby concert, a great restaurant or just hanging with friends. Always trying to catch up on movies.
Hayley Wood, Account Supervisor:
You can often find me in a yoga class after work  at The Yoga Movement, a Dallas studio located off the Katy Trail, or catching a live show of one my favorite local bands like Catamaran.
Michael Haake, Interactive Producer:
I spend a lot of my free time around the Dallas hockey scene. I’ve been a Stars addict since the age of seven and love discussing past, present and future rosters. When I’m not doing that, I hunt down new restaurants and bars with my wife, Lauren. If they’re dog-friendly, Luna tags along with us.
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