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Austin Allen, Fall Intern

Austin Allen, Fall Intern

My name is Austin Allen, and I suffered a tragic event upon birth. My parents gave me two first names. The best I could hope for would be to lead a normal life while trying to manage my condition. However, I then decided to pursue a career in advertising. From that point on, I knew that a normal life would never be possible.

In high school, I signed up for an advertising class as my second alternate class. Somehow my first two choices were full and I was stuck in a “blow-off” advertising class with some of the most well-known slackers in the school. Against all odds, after our first assignment, I was hooked. At this point I also realized that my best friend’s dad happened to work in the field. With support from mentors, I started as an advertising student at the University of North Texas with the Mayborn School of Journalism in August 2011.

While at UNT I have sought out every opportunity. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed networking with professors and other talented students in order to supplement my coursework and nerd-out over advertising. In the 2014 spring semester I participated in UNT’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team, Gravitas. We had the pleasure of working with Mary Kay as our client.

When the opportunity presented itself to study abroad I boarded a plane and flew to London to immerse myself in the international hub. I took two 5-week courses pertaining to international advertising and media.

As soon as I landed back in the states in July, I knew that I needed to secure a fall internship which prompted the creation of my personal website, AustinAdGuy.com. After a lot of handshakes, I accepted Agency Entourage’s offer to be their new fall intern.

I’m really looking forward to working with all of the friendly faces I’ve met thus far at Agency Entourage! As I finish my degree I am excited to take my eduction to a whole new playing field as I start my fall internship at an impressive digital marketing agency in Dallas. As I walk out the door to start my morning journey, I can’t help but smirk when I realize my destination.

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