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Pinterest has undergone another upgrade. Along with the launch of the recent updates in March, they have recently rolled out even more features. Some of these are specifically ones that pinners wanted back, and others are simply upgrades to existing features. The result is a perfect mix of resurrected older features and optimized new ones.

Old/New Features:

See it now – This allows you to make sure your pin is completely optimized and on the correct board. Also, if you want to look at the website where it came from, this feature makes it easier to click through.

Agency Entourage Pinterest updates

Pinned from – This improvement is especially helpful in building your online community. When you click on a specific pin, you can see where it came from, creating the ability to find pinners with similar tastes and related boards to follow. The new streamlined process makes following others pinners a one-click process.

Agency Entourage Pinterest changes

Mentions – By bringing back the ability to tag other accounts, we can once again connect with users on another level. When you type “@”, Pinterest begins to generate accounts that you have followed and allows you to tag them in the description. This is also useful to give credit where credit is due, and direct pinners to another source of information.

Marketing Agency Dallas Guide to Pinterest Changes


Notifications –  With the optimized search, backlogged notifications now allow you to see older alerts. If you have a lot of engagement, this ensures you don’t miss any action on your pins.

Optimized Search – Similar to searching online, as soon as you start typing  this feature automatically looks for related items. This is helpful for building your community and expanding your pin sources.

Agency Entourage Guide to Pinterest Changes 2013

According to the official Pinterest blog, they may have some other things in the works such as rearranging pins, alerting you when you’ve already pinned something or creating a board within a board.

With so many updates to social media platforms it can be hard to keep up, so make sure to contact Agency Entourage to get our expertise on your social media accounts today!

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