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Apple Watch, marketing trends in 2015

This year is coming to a close and 2015 is right around the corner. We’ve seen great potential for marketing technology and capabilities, so which will fail and which will change the game? See what our team predicts will be the big marketing trends in 2015:

Marketing Trends in 2015: Our Team’s Predictions

“The perfect marketing budget. Nothing is rearing its ugly head more than the dollars clients are willing/not willing to spend on marketing.” – Brandon Dowdy, Account Executive

“Paid social advertising. There’s a trend right now of changing social platform’s algorithms to restrict more features unless you pay for them. Or platforms that didn’t traditionally offer advertising or sponsored ads are now doing so.” – Stefanie Goodman, Interactive Producer

“I think that video marketing will be the new “black” – people don’t want to read they want to be entertained.” – Lisa Stewart, Project Manager

“Brands communicating to customers’ wearable devices to create a better customer experience (especially in store).” – Ethan Bailey, Account Coordinator

“Mobile web domination (big next year) will lead to more rich media mobile ads, app takeovers, and branded mobile content (trending next year).” – Mike Heronime, Executive Creative Director

“Mobile shopping on mobile sites, apps, and social. Go Apple Pay!” – Austin Allen, Intern

“Wearables. Wearables are where it’s at. Apple Watch for the win! Also, if you guys think Snapchat is just for teens y’all should read up. It’s been valued at 10B and it’s a major game changer for advertising!” – Stephanie Arbetter, Interactive Producer

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