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Agency Entourage First World Pains on Twitter

While most Monday mornings in the office generally have nothing to offer other than the constant reminder that yet another weekend has flown by, there is always one thing I can look forward to- reading about all of the exciting topics, trends and mishaps from the social media world that happened over the weekend.

There’s nothing I love more than learning about the latest celebrity freakout on Twitter and watching the newest YouTube video to go viral, cough Kony 2012 cough. Luckily, working in social media marketing allows for “research” of this caliber so I never have to feel guilty spending a few minutes looking into such topics, after all, they all come to my inbox anyways!

Here are my favorite social media highlights from the weekend:

April Fools’ Day Classics: Top 10 Viral Pranks on YouTube – This had me laughing out loud to the point that my coworker asked me what was going on. It’s not so much that each and every prank is hilarious, it’s that you know there are people that were filled with unbelievable joy when they saw these, to only have their worlds come crashing down around them when the sad reality that it was only an April Fools prank set in. At least that would be my reaction if it was something I really, deeply loved and cared about!

My personal favorite from this top ten list- the BBC created a documentary claiming to have found a colony of penguins that can fly. Imagine the pure joy that was probably felt by all the penguin lovers of the world when they saw this documentary.

First World Problems: 14 Cringe-Worthy Complaints – Am I the only one who loves following funny Twitter accounts? Doubtful. One of my personal favorites is @FirstWorldPains so I was ecstatic to see this article from Mashable that is about the Tumblr blog, White Whine. This blog is a collection of complaints about “issues” that many people around the world would be lucky to experience. Example: someone complaining about their boring spring break trip to the Bahamas. Just search #FirstWorldProblems on Twitter, you won’t regret it.

NBA Brings Twitter Handles to T-Shirts in Pro Sports First – As if the need for a Hunger Games t-shirt wasn’t overwhelming enough, now I’m saddled with the burning desire for an NBA twitter handle t-shirt, too! I think what caught my attention most about this new trend isn’t so much the NBA aspect as much as the overall popularity of Twitter handles and # tags in general. I can’t tell you the last time I watched a reality tv show (yes, I love all of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo) or an award show without seeing a # tag in the bottom corner of my television screen.

If the NBA Twitter shirts take off, I can’t wait to see what other Twitter handles shirts hit the market. The day a Ryan Gosling Twitter handle gets put on a t-shirt, I’ll be ordering one for every day of the week.

‘The Voice’ Now Lets You Vote on Facebook Timeline – While I’m not the biggest fan of talent based reality tv shows, I’m a huge fan of all things social media, and let’s face it, this new Facebook App from The Voice is genius. Millions of people tune into this show each night it airs, so why not leverage that to help increase online traffic. Plenty of fans probably multi task and use Facebook while watching the show anyways, so using the new Facebook App that allows viewers to vote for their favorite artists will no doubt be a huge hit.

Watch out Ryan Seacrest, here comes Blake Shelton.

If there’s one thing you’ve taken away from this blog, I hope it’s a new realization that social media is where it’s at. Everything worth talking about is talked about on Facebook and Twitter, anything that’s worth watching is eventually on YouTube and Hulu, and no matter what you want or need, there is probably either a Facebook or iTunes app for it.

If you’re ready to take your brand or company to the next level with social media, Agency Entourage can definitely help you do just that. First things first, fill out our “Help Us, Help You” form.

Did you pull off any epic April Fools day pranks? If so, share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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