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Tyler Walker

Think of the “coolest” website you have seen in a while, one that really caught your attention. Now for another example, go take a look at Derek Jeter’s website and scroll through the page. I’m guessing you were looking at the different article titles or the large, high-res images of the athletes. When I look at that site, I’m captivated by the visual effects that happen to the navigation bar as you scroll up and down the page. My thoughts are focused on “how did they do that?” This is how my mind works. I am Tyler Walker, Agency Entourage’s new summer apprentice.

I started web design and development in April 2014, a little over a year before this article. One of my good friends created an app for iPhones and Androids with an accompanying web app called UTD Eats. This app sparked my attention and I began to constantly ask him questions and started learning the basic web programming languages. As I previously mentioned, my real interest is found in the front-end of a website (what the user actually sees). For the next six months, I spent every night at my computer creating websites. Almost every one of these sites was horrible, but I kept improving.

My first opportunity for a career in design and development came in September 2014. I was working at Lowes and coding in my free time when I met Michael Schneider, the CEO at Joe East Enterprises Inc. After meeting me and finding out what I was studying, he offered me an internship as a web developer. I spent the next six months working there, learning all I could. Not long after my internship there ended, I had an interview with Agency Entourage and received this summer apprenticeship.

From the first day I was impressed. I was met with a group of people who are not only friendly, but also outgoing and creative. The other interns display the same qualities, making our short time working together thus far productive and enjoyable. This summer will be a fun, productive time being surrounded with so many creative minds.

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