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Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.03.38 PMMy name is Emma Hutchinson, but my preferred name is “one of the new interns.” I am excited to be working with Agency Entourage this summer alongside the AE team and the four other interns/apprentices, all with backgrounds that differ from my own. I am a Topeka, Kansas native and a student at Southern Methodist University. I’m going into my Senior year as an Advertising major, and I lean toward the creative production side of advertising and marketing.

I’m interested in all things writing, whether it be for blogs, ad copy, headlines, or crafting a tweet at exactly 140 characters (which is oddly satisfying). I like to think the extrovert in me comes out when I write; at least that is what my friends say.

I’m looking forward to seeing how some of what I’ve learned in the classroom setting translates into the real world. I’ve worked across the board, doing in-class research about millennial buying patterns under the supervision of a local agency, and even completing several mini ad campaigns in my portfolio class, where I worked on campaigns for Perrier, the YMCA, and Le Creuset, just to name a few. I also worked this past semester as a student copywriter for the Lyle School of Engineering at SMU, and contributed to its Ezine, which should be published early this summer.

Outside of school and all things advertising, I also have a love for golf. I played varsity golf all through high school. Since my start at SMU, I have worked at both Top Golf and Brook Hollow Golf Club. I even wrote a feature story about the Byron Nelson for my reporting class last month. I can’t seem to pull myself away from the golf course, which I have never found to be a bad thing.

Once I got off the course this past spring semester, I was able to find this opportunity at Agency Entourage. This will be the first internship that I have had in an agency setting, my first time working downtown, and my first time experiencing downtown Dallas traffic on a daily basis. However, I will not be the intern that completes stereotypical office tasks like making copies and cleaning out the coffeepot, if that is what people think of when they hear “intern.” Rather, I will be learning. I’ll be able to get a taste of agency life and see how each part of the team functions, from the account service side to the creative side, and how the work benefits the client through various digital formats.

On my third day of work, I already felt like I was a part of the team when the interns were invited to sit in on an impromptu client meeting to observe the agency/client relationship and how each collaborates and communicates together effectively.

The office is full of personality, and everyone seems to stay true to the “work hard, play harder” mantra, and I am looking forward to jumping into this culture. Plus, the only coffee I have had to make so far is my own, which is a good sign.

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