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Hi everyone! My name is Divneet Lamba, but I find it strange sometimes when others call me by my first name. Most of my family members and friends refer to me as Divee, a nickname given to me by my older sister. Right now, I live in Prosper, Texas with my family, but I moved around a lot growing up. I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. I am very excited to be working with Agency Entourage this Fall! 

My most spontaneous College moment

After completing my freshman year at Collin Community College in Frisco, Texas, I decided to stay for my sophomore year as well… until the summer of 2017. After a random conversation with my sister and her best friend at 1 am on June 18th, I decided to take an impulsive decision. I sent in my application to the University of South Carolina, as a transfer student. All I knew at that moment if I received an acceptance letter in a couple of weeks, I was going to be moving away from home for the first time. However, South Carolina was still familiar territory because I lived there for six years before moving to Texas my junior year of high school. Once I began attending classes there, I did not regret my “spontaneous moment”, despite feeling homesick at times. 

Why did I choose Advertising?

When I started my sophomore year at UofSC, I tried majoring in marketing, but it also meant being in the business school for the next three years. Even though UofSC has one of the best business schools in the nation, I honestly could not see myself taking courses that mainly revolved around class lectures and reading material from textbooks. As a student, I needed to be challenged creatively and get more opportunities to collaborate with others on projects as well. Hence, I changed my major to advertising. Since the advertising program was small, many of the students took at least three to four classes together. We all developed close-knit relationships with each other and our professors as well that became mentors over time. 

What’s Next?

As of now a lot of us are living in unprecedented times and not very sure where our future will take us. It has been challenging at times, especially as a recent graduate, looking to find my foot in the industry. However, I am grateful to have received an opportunity to intern for Agency Entourage this Fall! Even though I love living in Dallas with my Family, I have become accustomed to moving every couple of years now. Moving to New York has always been on my bucket list and Paragliding as well. Hopefully, both will be crossed off soon. 



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