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facebook video ads

An illustration showing what Facebook video ads could look like.

Reports surfaced last month that Facebook is experimenting with the idea of video ads. These new in-stream Facebook video ads would most likely begin autoplaying within the newsfeed and take over the screen. From Ad Age:

The intention is to tap into deep TV budgets, but it represents a significant change of course from last year when Facebook was headed into its initial public offering. Executives from the social network turned General Motors down when the automaker’s top marketing brass asked for larger, higher-impact Facebook ads that would allow it to take over a page and not be constrained to the right rail; GM subsequently quit Facebook advertising in mid-May and only resumed last week.

Don’t worry about being inundated with ads from every mom and pop store around town – Facebook video ads are expected to launch with a cost of at least a million dollars per ad.

Video advertisements have thus far been mainly relegated to sites and brands that are video-focused, such as Hulu and YouTube. If Facebook’s video ads are successful, expect to see other brands follow suit.

The big question that everyone is wondering is if Facebook video ads will ever be affordable enough for smaller brands to buy in. If the past is any prediction, eventually the entry price will drop, but only after the concept has proven valuable to Facebook’s overall strategy.

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