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Joan Harris, Mad Men

In an effort avoid wasting your time, and, thus, annoying  you, I’ll bypass the customary “intro paragraph” and get straight to the do’s and don’ts – or in this case, how to(s) and how not to(s):

**###ANNOY ##YOUR AUDIENCE #AND!!!!…Use Facebook’s new status feature to provide updates on day-to-day “life” in the [         ] industry.

You can find it here:




Only your stalkers care if you’re drinking coffee. (For stalkers of the non-social media variety, I suggest you contact authorities.)

Unless, of course, you’re drinking a premium Keurig  cinnamon roll blend at 1700 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX – the home of the very best online marketing agency. (Shameless plug? It’s not when it’s true.)

I digress:

It has been determined by many various research firms that the number one reason fans Like a business/brand page on Facebook is to have access to exclusive promotional efforts, “deals,” and company information.

**###ANNOY #YOUR #AUDIENCE AND!!!!… Sell. Sell. Sell. 

Think about it: if you didn’t work for your employer or own a company, what would compel you to Like its page? (The real answer: A real benefit. And ‘benefits’ don’t only come in monetary form; but exclusive knowledge as well.)

If a “hard sell” promotional post (below) appeared in your Facebook Timeline alongside a close friend’s wedding photos wouldn’t you be annoyed too? Facebook users love Facebook because it allows them to stay in touch with friends, family, and yes, brands – because they WANT to. By Liking your page they have made a choice to root for you. Don’t disappoint them with what you might perceive to be “free advertising”:



People love Facebook because they feel in control. And it’s very  important that they don’t feel intruded upon.

If not, it is very likely they will experience some variation of this emotion:

Nene Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta

**###ANNOY #YOUR #AUDIENCE AND!!!!…Promote a one-day event for..ONE..entire..MONTH.

Imagine you’re eight years old again, and you are the only one in your second grade class who can’t attend a classmate’s highly-anticipated birthday party. You have RSVP’d yet they still mail you a new invitation. Every. Day.

By all means, promote your exciting event/sale/in-store holiday clearance event; but limit your social posts to twice a week to avoid alienating (and thus losing) your audience.


**###ANNOY YOUR ##AUDIENCE AND!!!!…sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Research has continually revealed that posting too much leads fans becoming, well, non-fans. Limit your posts to once or twice a day at least three hours apart. Facebook and Twitter are both social platforms, yet completely different ones at that.

**###ANNOY YOUR ##AUDIENCE AND!!!!… Provide a boring, rambling “summary” for your blog’s bullet points.


By the numbers:

Facebook unlikes why

Source: Exacttarget.com




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