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As much as we love to text, tweet, post photos and update statuses, there’s no denying that the next wave of digital is here to stay. If you’re not sure where I’m going with this, allow me to formally introduce you to videos for real estate marketing. The common misconception with videos is that they are difficult to make and take up too much time out of our day. I am going to spend the next few minutes debunking that theory for you, for many reasons.

At first, we had Vine. Many real estate agents jumped on the bandwagon and creatively and effectively posted six-second videos of their listed properties. Kudos to you, my early adopters. Afraid of being left in the dust, Instagram video changed the game with 15-second videos that allow you to add filters, stabilize your videos and upload pre-made videos from your phone. We thought your ears would perk up. While many people thought that Instagram would be a Vine-killer, the peaceful coexistence of the two only reinforces the fact that brands are using videos in many different ways and across a multitude of platforms.

We just caught wind of a new app-for-video creation called Videolicious. As opposed to recording video from your phone and/or camera, Videolicious allows you to create a slideshow video of your favorite property shots. With this app you can put together your photos, videos, text, voice or music and create a masterpiece of a recent listing. Apps like Vine, Instagram and Videolicious make it easy for you to share the final product to social sites so you can market your property in a variety of ways.

To demonstrate how beneficial I think video is for your real estate marketing efforts, I put together a video of a mock listing that I picked up from Candy’s Dirt, a well-known Dallas real estate blog. This video was made using Stupeflix Video, a website that allows you to add photos and text to create short, informative videos. Watch the video to get a sense of how engaging it is for your potential buyers. In 33 seconds I was able to provide company information, listing details, multiple pictures of the property, a map and a call to action.

If you have any questions about real estate marketing, digital trends or how Agency Entourage can take your efforts to the next level, please give us a call today at 214-414-0305. We are a digital marketing agency in Downtown Dallas and would love to help you solve your digital marketing dilemmas.

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