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If you’ve used the Pinterest app on your phone or iPad lately, you may have noticed a few changes. The 4th biggest social network created some new updates that alter the way brands and users engage with their platform. So, what are these modifications anyways?

The first of these strategic shifts is the creation of Promoted Pins, which allow companies’ brands to show up in the search and category feeds of your Pinterest. This encourages movement down the funnel to conversion on a different site. Currently, they are using a small group of brands in a paid test to see how impactful this idea will be. Some of those brands include the Gap, ABC Family and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. 

Photo Courtesy Of Pinterest Blog

But wait, there’s more! The largest change of all, specifically to the app on your mobile device, is the addition of what Pinterest calls Guided Search. This search function is all about exploration and discovery. It lets you take your initial search and tailor it more specifically to your needs to add a little more structure to your searches. To get the ball rolling, Pinterest teamed up with Molecule, a production company in San Francisco, to make videos illustrating how it works in a serendipitous way. You can find the video below.

How do you like the changes? Tell us on Twitter at @AgencyEntourage! As Pinterest and Hui Xu, head of their discovery team states, “discover a few unexpected surprises, it’s full of possibilities.”

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