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Going back over the last blog I wrote about trends, visual design trends specifically, I noticed that it mentioned many things currently on TV and online. The biggest being how consumers are now portrayed as more diverse. Naturally, when I saw this latest blog on what social media trends are currently shaping 2014, I was intrigued. How many of these will come true? How many has our marketing agency noticed affecting the landscape? Most notably:

Social Advertising – As more brands are starting to roll out advanced marketing tools, marketers are finding creative ways to use them to connect audiences and grow ROI.

Photos – As digital marketing becomes more visually inclined, we’ve had to find strategic ways to get our message out there. Our new team members have sure helped too!

Social Media Integration – It’s great to see that brands are starting to realize that an online presence can be great for business. However, many businesses still don’t use social media strategically.

Read about these trends and more in the infographic below:

Social_Media_Trends_for_2014_Infographic digital marketing

What are your thoughts on the trends above? If you’ve noticed them affecting your industry tell us how on Facebook! If your business isn’t quite keeping it’s social reputation as updated as it should be, contact our marketing agency today.

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