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If your business has a blog, chances are it’s hard to find time to update it – we understand! That’s why we recently told you about some time saving blogging techniques and why you need to have a blog idea bank. In addition to these tactics, your mobile device might offer you another option for quick, painless blogging.

Bloggers can easily access their blog content from their mobile device to do some mobile blogging, a trend that has been steadily increasing since last year.

I recently downloaded a blog app for my smartphone and I really enjoy its capabilities. It’s easy to access my blog’s stats anywhere as well as edit a post that I have scheduled, or even create a new one.

Not every blog post needs to be lengthy. As long as you get your message across in a few sentences, a mobile blog post might be just the way to go.

First you will need to know if your mobile device is capable of supporting blog access and if your mobile provider’s network can support this type of feature for your mobile device. Then you’re ready for some mobile blogging!

Not only does having mobile access to your blog allow you to create and edit on the go, you can also stay on top of your comments and reader traffic, no matter where you are.

Mobile blogging will allow you to put together blog posts when ideas strike. Sometimes by the time we log in on our computers, the blank screen causes our brains to go blank as well.

Some of your best blogging inspiration will actually come from when you’re away from the computer so make sure you have a way to hang on to those ideas for your readers.

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