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Today marked the fifth and final installment of Social Media Examiner’s Blogging Fundamentals For Business Workshop: Driving Recurring Traffic to Your Blog.

During the session, Stelzner explained the importance of proactively promoting your content on a daily basis by using one of three (or all) methods: seeding content to social networks, growing an email list and integrating social sharing.

Email in particular can be most effective. Email is the “holy grail” of blogging, Stelzner said, because your email subscriber list actually shows you who your fans and followers are. You can’t guarantee that all your fans will see every Facebook post or every tweet but when people get an email, they usually stop what they’re doing to open it. Building your email subscriber list should become a top priority for your blog if it’s not already. Solid and valuable content will keep readers coming back AND convince them to join the email list.

Social sharing should, above all, be easy to do for your readers. Start by adding social buttons to your site that will empower people to share: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. It may even be most effective to put these buttons at the top of each blog post so a reader will see how many people have already shared it and feel compelled to do the same.

In order to bring these ideas into your own business blog, figure out what your schedule will be for promoting new content and which networks you want to
share it on and when. Then formulate a strategic plan on how to increase your email subscriber list and decide which social share buttons you’re going to add to the blog.

“You really have to have a strategy for your blog that meets the needs of your readers first and foremost. If there’s one thing that I have been saying over and over again, it’s about THEM, not about US,” Stelzner said.

Continuing education courses are a necessity at Agency Entourage in order for us to achieve success with our clients. We know how important it is to grow and improve as a top DFW social media agency! It may be the end of Blogging Fundamentals for Business but we’ll be covering more workshops in the future or perhaps one day hosting our own.

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