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Blogging Supporting Meetings

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I’ve seen this with more than just one of my clients. When they begin their blogging initiative, they quickly realize just how much business-related material they weren’t making use of and they are forced to address business-related issues in the form of providing supporting content for blog posts and reviewing blog posts. Beginning a business blogging initiative creates a need to drag up every case study or project profile that had been forgotten or gone unused. My clients have found finding content for blogging purposes to be the equivalent of cleaning out their basement or attic during spring cleaning.

Just like the best treasures in your house regularly end up in your attic or basement (only to be discovered anew, years later), when clients go digging for case studies, project profiles, and begin to analyze every intricacy of their business along with us at Agency Entourage; they take this great business-supporting content and material that had been forgotten (or simply hadn’t been used yet) and make it front and center for their own top-of-mind purposes. Having brought to light all of the unused or forgotten material and content, they go into future client and customer meetings more heavily armed than before they began a business blog.

Knowing the ins and outs of all the material out there which can support what you say to clients and customers is huge. But the cherry on top is an ability to point those customers and clients to a blog post that reinforces the sales points you make with them face-to-face. It’s basically just taking the main point from this ScienceBlogs™ post and extrapolating it to businesses. In the ScienceBlog™ post we’ve linked to, a blogger discusses how blogging made her more prepared to field questions when she was face to face with an audience. In fact, blogging had made her so well prepared that she was actually underwhelmed by the questions that were thrown her way. This is because she had already addressed so much on her blog.

If you want to have more confidence (going into presentations and meetings) about being able to answer or address every query that comes your way, start a business blog. You may know your business inside and out, but a business blog will help you stay sharp and always at-the-ready for face-to-face business.

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