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How can blood centers monetize social media? As a strong digital marketing agency in Dallas, we have proven client experience with creating key digital marketing strategies for blood centers. We can help your blood donation center build a valuable return on investment from social media and here’s how.

Increase Fan Base

One way to receive a return on investment from social media is to increase your fan base. It will build brand awareness by reaching out to potential donors, volunteers and drive coordinators, especially when fans share or retweet your content. With over one billion users on Facebook and Twitter combined, you are sure to reach an audience that does not already engage with your brand.

Tip: Looking for a quick way to build your Facebook fans? Try running a strategic Faceook Ad.

Engagement, Engagement and More Engagement

The best way to keep fans coming back to your page is to post engaging topics. Social media not only gives you the ability to start the conversation with a prospect, but more importantly it allows you to keep the conversation going in a non-intrusive way. Social media gives you the ability to not only listen to what your audience is saying about, it also allows you to see exactly what they are saying to you. Social media gives you the opportunity to quickly address concerns, myths and excuses related to your company.

Review analytics reports your social media platforms provide, to see how many people you have reached, what type of content your audience responds to and levels of engagement. This gives you the ability to develop a strong strategy and publish engaging content to achieve better results. If you see your comments, shares, retweets and replies increase monthly, then you are achieving a great return on investment.

Tip: To increase engagement, try posting status updates that say “Like this post if,” “comment below,” “share this post” or “retweet to get the word out.”

Develop Strategy

When measuring results, increased donations is not the only metric you should evaluate. There are many other functions of your blood donation center that help you achieve your end goal. Your telerecruitment team may care about scheduled appointments; hospitals will focus on supply boost; recruiters want to see an increase in blood drive inquires and all nonprofit organizations need more volunteer sign-ups. It is vital to develop a strategy to help support all of these needs through content and specific calls to action within social media.

Tip: Create a custom Facebook tab with a strong call to action and send branded emails addressing low blood supply. Also, share links by using a bit.ly link. This link will measure results by tracking how many times people view the link.

Crisis Communications Plan

Activation of a social media community during a crisis is quite easy and can help reach the demand of a timely need. This can help you connect with your audience quickly. The key to this is to have a crisis communication workflow in place before the need arises. This plan should list all of the channels of communication you will use, when you will use them and who is responsible for each task.

Reviewing all efforts and executing a recap in crucial. During this time your blood bank will be able to assess missed opportunities and revise messaging channels in priority.

Tip: Urgent need + social media = instant ROI (Return on Investment)

Is your blood donation center looking for an agency to develop and implement a digital marketing plan? Give us a call at 214-414-3035, we would love to help.

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