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With so much online content at our fingertips, bloggers must go above and beyond to stand out and grab a reader’s attention. But how is this possible in a society that refers to hundreds of different blogs on a day-to-day basis? For starters, you have to keep readers coming back for more once they’ve found your company blog. BlueGlass knows a thing or two about how to best implement this strategy.

BlueGlass, a successful content marketing agency, recently shared its campaign secrets with Mashable and it was just too good not to share. For me, it summed up exactly why I go back to the same bloggers. To put it simply: write an engaging headline, get to the point, provide value and promote!

One particular point that stood out to me was the importance of building an audience with content– because it doesn’t happen overnight! Check out the rest of the infographic and begin using some of the tips to build and keep your own audience. Whether you’re blogging for business or personal reasons, there’s something in here for everyone:
Blogging for Business

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