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It’s 2013. Do you know anyone your age who doesn’t know what Google is? Much like breathing, the internet has become one thing all North Americans have in common. The digital landscape is growing every day and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Businesses simply marketing their product online with banner ads and ‘calls to action’ are a step behind businesses that are promoting their brand to customers through content marketing.

Have you ever noticed how most of the banner and popup ads you see while using the internet are somewhat relevant to you?  Maybe you searched for a new blender or a place to vacation. Now every time you see an online ad it’s promoting the best smoothies in Acapulco. Traditional online advertising reaches specific individuals based on web data (or “cookies”) and usually interrupts the users online experience. Content marketing only reaches an individual if he or she chooses to see it.

Content marketing is beneficial for both the audience and the brand because it’s completely opt-in. Users who opt-in to see a blog about How to Find Celebrities at SXSW get valuable information they are interested in while being exposed to Agency Entourage. What internet user doesn’t like getting something entertaining or useful by simply “Liking” a Facebook page or signing up for a newsletter? What business couldn’t use some more branding? Content marketing helps businesses brand themselves in their audience’s mind while providing the user with the opportunity to choose whether or not to engage. There are tons of unique and creative examples of content marketing and they all have a one huge thing in common.

The main reason businesses practice content marketing is because it allows their specific audience to engage with their brand. Traditional online advertising tends to focus on the ‘call to action’ above everything else. Content marketing provides users with information they actually want and does it in a way that doesn’t interrupt their experience. Some common examples of content marketing include blogs, online communities, podcasts, social media, newsletters, and videos.

Content marketing not only reels in a business’s die-hard fans to one common area (like an email list), it humanizes the business’s brand with their target audience. Offering repeat customers more content for their loyalty can set a brand apart and establish an identity of being an industry leader.

Agency Entourage is a full service digital marketing agency in Dallas. Is your business utilizing content marketing? Agency Entourage constantly provides clients with real marketing results through content marketing. Find out how we can help your business by calling us today at 214-414-3035.

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