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Content marketing is becoming an increasingly more important way for clients to reach new customers. Businesses of all sizes can extend their online reach by producing quality content on their websites and social pages.

Think about it. How often do you really pay attention to a traditional advertisement? Sure, that commercial might have entertained you the first five times you saw it, but over time one of traditional advertising’s biggest flaws comes into play. Even if a company produces an amazing campaign, eventually the message becomes an interruption or an annoyance to the viewer. Once the viewer is “interrupted” he or she will feel as if there is no value left in the message and either ignores it or changes channels.

Content marketing engages a user more than traditional advertising. Businesses can reach new customers by offering them valuable content. The types of content users find valuable varies, but typically blogs, videos and unique social statuses are perceived as educational or entertaining. Users pay more attention and spend significantly more time with content that they actually seek out.

Unlike traditional advertising, users purposely engage with content marketing. Audiences will recognize businesses who provide valuable content as industry leaders. A business catering to an audience’s educational and entertainment needs will retain the audience’s favor and gain brand loyalty.

Agency Entourage is a full-service digital marketing agency in Dallas, TX. We provide our clients with all forms of content marketing and we strive to be on the cutting-edge of our industry.

Here are some other ways content marketing is more effective than traditional advertising:

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