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If you work in social media, advertising or communications, then you know that staying ahead of the curve is a never-ending game. New features, updates and platforms for marketing come out all the time and it falls on all of our shoulders to keep up. From scanning your morning inbox for daily newsletters, to glancing at headlines on Twitter and hearing the chatter from your other socially-inclined compadres, you could easily lose yourself in techno-education over an eight hour period (yep, the length of a workday…). We’ve compiled the best resources for you to drill down, buckle up and learn how to be the best digital pro you can be.

1. Mashable

Because no social media education guide is complete without the obvious, and we want to avoid getting tomatoes thrown at us for leaving this one off the list. Mashable is a worldwide blog that’s evolved into the go-to resource for the latest in tech, social, business and more. I wouldn’t use them for straight news digestion, but to see how the world adopts (and adapts to) new brands and products in tech for buzzworthy content – Mashable is your source.

2. Fast Company

If Mashable tells you what’s currently going on today in news, then Fast Company is the sidekick that follows up with what you’ll see tomorrow. In this business things happen as fast as you can click a button, so it’s nice to know where the industry will most likely head in five or 10 years. Their content doesn’t have a specific niche per se, but rather it can be described as anything that inspires you to break the mold in the realm of digital or technology. Don’t limit yourself by simply following @FastCompany, their sister Twitter accounts are really where I do the most learning.

3. Advertising Age

Inspire, inspire, inspire. In journalism it’s called writer’s block, and I’m still coming up with a name for it in the online media world. If you need to take a minute and see what’s winning today for a little boost in creativity, @adage will do you wonders. I like it because it shows how brands and global companies are pushing the envelope in advertising, marketing and the digital realm. You’re also going to need some talking points for the next get-together with your marketing buddies, so why not be the most knowledgable at the table?

4. Social Media Today

For straight social media news, Social Media Today is your best bet. The site provides the nitty gritty in social that you would expect, along with comprehensive lists that teach you how to improve your overall online presence. It also provides value because of its shareworthy content. Contributors to the site are experts in a variety of topics and it is broken down by industries, platforms and end goals for social marketing (such as research, strategy, education, etc.). You won’t be disappointed.

5. Drum roll please……the Agency Entourage Blog!

No, it’s not a self promotion plug, I’m serious when I say that you can gain some serious insight from scanning our blog from time to time or signing up for the newsletter. We are devoted to covering a variety of topics with you in mind. From Facebook, to Twitter to Instagram and Houzz marketing, the AE Blog is a top resource for your continued digital marketing education.

If you’d like to leave all of this to the pros, we’d be happy to help! Agency Entourage is a digital marketing agency in downtown Dallas that is devoted to continued education in the industry. Give us a call at 214-414-3035.

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