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Many of us question the importance of social media after we have been hard at work using it for several years. As a digital marketing agency in Dallas, we are always researching new ways to further our clients’ social media presence.

Consumers follow company pages for promotions, updates and even an outlet to voice their opinions about products and services. NM Incite performed a study, which revealed almost half of all social media users have turned to social channels to resolve customer service issues. This act has been referred to as “social care.” 51 percent of users engage in social care. The data also shows that 71 percent of those who experience great “social care” are likely to recommend a brand based on their most recent experience, compared to 17 percent of customers who have a negative experience.

It is informative to learn that users are increasingly reaching out via social channels, but what happens after they reach out? Are companies resolving their issues via social care? According to a very informative infographic on Social Media Today, “58 percent of those who have tweeted a bad experience have never received a response from the offending company.” Bluewolf also predicted by 2014, companies who refuse to communicate with customers via social media will be just as harmful as ignoring emails or phone calls today.

After reviewing these powerful statistics, how do you plan to change your digital marketing tactics? Now is the time to step up your game and be one of a few companies to embrace social care. 20 percent of Fortune 500’s 100 largest companies engage with their customers on Facebook, according to Bluewolf’s research. This proves that it is always a good idea to warmly welcome questions and customer assistance on social media channels.

Not only do you want to create fun and engaging content on social media, but you also need to generate a platform that offers customer assistance. It is no longer a one-way channel.

Looking to develop a “social care” plan for your company? Let Agency Entourage, digital marketing agency in Dallas, help you create a customer service strategy for all of your social media platforms. Give us a call at (214) 414-3035 to discuss your needs today!

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